Martial Kombat Pro / WCA

Dear Masters and Athletes,

the World Martial Kombat Federation
, from the beginning of January 2019, has officially created the "Martial Kombat PRO" structure for the disciplines: Kick Boxing, K1 Style, Full Contact and Thai Boxing.

The disciplines: Shanshu and Kyokushin are also planned for the future.

The professional circuit of the "Martial Kombat PRO" will have as partners
WCA (World Combat Arena) and WFC (World Fighters Corporation).

We are building the rankings of each discipline to give you and your athletes the opportunity to enter our professional circuit and target Continental, International and World titles.

No registration fee is required for entry into the "Martial Kombat PRO
" circuit, because the administration fees for the secretariat will be borne by Commercial Sponsors.

WMKF is already present in 43 countries for all amateur activities, both for ring sports and tatami, but now, with the creation of the PRO circuit, new horizons open up.

If you wish to take this opportunity, fill in the form that you will find attached
(one for each fighter) and send it to us together with the copy of the athlete's identity document and a couple of photos of the athlete, in guard position,

Our ranking will be made available to promoters from all over the world.

We are sure that you will be able to make the most of our work.

We remain at your disposal for any questions on the subject.

Sport Greetings

Master Dave Wong

Master Gino Vitrano
General Secretary

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